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What properties are needed in smart street light pole raw materials?
Generally speaking, the raw materials should have no impurities. This means that they should not be mixed with other substances; otherwise, they are the processed materials instead of raw materials. Besides, they should be a good basis that would help improve the performance of the finished products. That is to say, what properties required in the finished products should wholly or at least partially be seen in raw materials. In addition to the intrinsic properties, the production technology would also play a role. It may even maximize the properties of the raw materials and improve the performance of smart street light pole.
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Upon the core capabilities as a respected producer of fiber reinforced plastic, Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd provides highly flexible manufacturing for customers. The Radar telecom tower communication tower is one of the main products of GH Steel Structure. GH antenna support pole is completed with fine finishing in accordance with the quality standards of the industry. Its main body adopts external flange connection and bolts tension, which makes it not easy to be destroyed. This product is not vulnerable to get pilling. The softening agents are used in the fibers to reduce the possibility of pilling caused by rubbing, repeated stretching and relaxation. It is designed in accordance with the physical law of stability, which guarantees its safety and security.
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We have made efforts in promoting green production. In our business activities, including production, we seek new ways to efficiently utilize natural resources and energy resources, aiming to reduce resource waste.

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