Guanheng is specialized in steel structure engineering since 1987.


Guanheng focuses on design solutions and initiatives to optimize and simplify design to facilitate

production and installation processes and save cost as well as improve quality products.

1 - First Communication

Customer provide the product appearance and demand,

we make the preliminary plan according to their request.

2 - Start Discussion


Confirm the product appearance, material, procedure and other detailed demand.

3 - Make Drawing


Make the drawing and calculate the key points of the force data.

4 - Production

And Processing


Drawing processing: Material-Bending- Welding-Polishing-Measure-Galvanizing-Trial assembly- making simulated bark- assembly LED leaf- Product testing and debugging-Shipment.

5 - Finished Product Video Presentation


We are creative and we strive to become the best company and to provide you the best product to satisfy you!