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Fiberglass Beautification Cover is widely used in various communication facilities. The product is made of fiberglass, has beautiful appearance, light weight, convenient processing, transportation and installation, good electrical insulation, strong transmission, anti-ultraviolet, anti-shock, and has the advantages of good electrical insulation, good transmission, anti-ultraviolet and anti-shock. In high temperature, low temperature and with good performance even in the harsh condition. Today, with the increasing development of the communication industry, mobile telecom operators have to provide reliable and stable wireless services to cover blind areas of signals, so we have developed glass reinforced plastic (FRP) to beautify the radome for our customers, and the radar antenna has played a great role. Glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP), as the outer part of the protective cover, has shown its unique advantages of electrical performance, light weight and so on, and has greatly improved its performance. The excellent physical properties of the antenna, and the biggest advantage of glass fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) beautifying the cover of the antenna is that it can be in harmony with any environment. When the consumers are in the antenna coverage area, they will not find the surrounding air-conditioning beautifying outer cover and square cylindrical beautifying the cover. Water towers beautify the outer cover and it can bring them better and more stable signal. In order to better harmony with the environment, our beautification mask products can be customized according to the environment scene, according to customer requirements and design a variety of styles, if you need to learn more detail  information, please contact us.

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