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Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station

Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station

Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station

1 Sets
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Price Period
According to your request
6 to 12 meters
Pack in plastic paper or under customer’s request
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Product Information of Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station
Product Details
GH Steel Structure's antenna tower is perfect in every detail.GH Steel Structure has the ability to meet different needs. antenna tower is available in multiple types and specifications. The quality is reliable and the price is reasonable.
Company Advantages
1. The metallic elements used in the production of GH led street light has undergone a full analysis such as failure analysis. This analysis is carried out in the materials laboratory.
2. smart street lamp which is being applied to led street light has represent many advantages.
3. This product is widely recognized in the market for its good economic benefits.
4. Our dedicated R&D team has made significant improvements to the GH smart street lamp production technology.

Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-1

Intelligent street lamp control the remote centralized management of the street lamps through the advanced,efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology.The intelligent lamp can adjust automatically the luminance according to the traffic flow,it also has those functions: the remote lighting control, monitor and control unit, air environment monitoring system,fault active alarm,lamp cable anti-theft,remote meter reading,etc.Those function can make us saving the power resources,improving the public lighting management level,reducing the maintenance costs.

Product Parameter

OriginChinaMinimum order1 set
Payment termL/C, T/TShipment termFOB, C&F, CIF
Height6 to 12 meters
MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum field strength >=345N/mm2;  Q235B/A36,minimum field strength >=235N/mm2;  we can provide more stronger materials under your request
ToleranceAccording to your request
Surface testHot galvanization based on the standard of the steel technical specification on ASTM A123 , or the customer's request.
Connection ModeComponent assembly
StandardISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001
Per Section LengthBelow 12 meters
Wind pressure0.35-1.00 KN/m2
Hot-dip Galvanization thicknessPlating thickness less than 5mm, Zinc thickness more than 65μm, Plating thickness more than or equal 5mm, Zinc thickness more than86μm, tolerance less than 10μm
Production ProcedureOriginal material test→cutting→bending→welding(fore-and-aft )→measurement checking→flange welding→making hole→making sample→surface clean→hot-galvanization and surface preparation→painting→re-check→packing
PackingPack in plastic paper or under customer's request
Shipment dateQuantityDelivery day

50 sets30 days

Product Advantage

Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-2
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-3
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-4
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-5
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-6
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-7

Advantage: Modular customized design

Customer’s request:

communicate with the customer patiently,know about what their demand and expectation are,and confirm the design requirements.

Function Design:

R&D Department start to design the function for the wireless equipment ,confirm meeting the customer’s demand for  the optional module equipment.

Appearance Design:

Invest the surrounding environment,the appearance should be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Structure Design:

The wireless structure design should be according to the international standard with the safety checking, and then made the drawing after calculation.

Product Quality Standard

1. All the original materials and finished products should be 100% checking.

2. We already obtain the ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005 and OHSAS18001 quality and safety certificate.

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Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-9
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-10
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Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-14
Intelligent street lamp, Micro station, Micro base station-15

Split Charging Partial Packing Part Remark Loading Shipment

Customer Thank You Letter

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Company Features
1. Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is the first player in the smart street lamp market.
2. GH is armed with newly advanced technology to produce intelligent street lamp .
3. GH aims to be top brand in smart street light pole industry with best quality and service. Contact! Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has always been embracing its core value of Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd. Contact!
Very nice movie
This was a gift for my mom
Fantastic film. If you love reading Dickens, you must watch this!
Excellent story line, very well acted and produced!
Movie was delivered quickly and at a great price.
One of my new Christmas favorites.
Really enjoyed it!
This is absolutely brilliant!
Excellent movie!
Love the movie
i like the story line and the actors.
Not a Dickens fan, myself. Despite that, I truly feel the movie was not particularly deep or meaningful. It never went beyond the surface level facts and detials of Dickens' life - there was no spark revealed, no "magic" or sublime insight. Kind of like a TV show - "OK" but little more than that.
I'm slightly disappointed with this movie. I love the cast but was hoping for a more captivating story. I'm sure it will get a few more plays but not one that will become a holiday tradition etc...
I came across this film by near accident as I was seeking a family Christmas film that would still capture the mystery of Advent and Christmas in our first fully post-Santa Clause Christmas. Wow! How I had not heard of the release of this film in theaters I cannot imagine? The film is definitely not low budget... but perhaps its marketing was? The film well displays the creative genius of Dickens, as well as the likely plaguing memories of his childhood; a paradoxical mix of joy and fear/insecurity... a belief that all is well and beautiful while the pillars of family life suddenly come crashing down... only to learn they were structures of straw in the first place. In the end, despite certain poetic license used perhaps liberally by the writer, the film captures the goodness of Dickens, and though not presented explicitly, his profound and devout Christian Faith. I understand the concern of another reviewer that there is much more to the person of Charles Dickens, but I did not find the portrayal of Dickens to frame him as either utilitarian or schizophrenic. On this second point, the movie did bring to life the characters of "Carol"--but I saw this only as a literary metaphor. The statement, "The characters won't do what I want. I'm the author here!" reflects what any author of fiction has encountered... characters taking on a life of their own. There is nothing in this movie to prevent children from watching it, however, it will likely be difficult for those under 12 to understand what is going on. Even for my children, ages 11 - 15, I did pause the film two our three times to explain the circumstance and greater context (though I tend to like to do this with them in all films... despite a certain degree of eye-rolling). If you desire to read a wonderful telling of the life of Charles Dickens by a notable author himself, I do recommend G.K. Chesterton's "Charles Dickens"xa0 Charles Dickens
What a wonderful movie this is with great performances from all including the legendary Christopher Plummer as Scrooge, impeccable costumes, and scenery from old London, and New York City in the early 1840's, effective music for each scene beautifully bringing out the emotions of the characters and sumptuous photography that's perfect for every entertaining scene. This is a great must see movie for families and people wanting to know how Charles Dickens got his inspiration to write one of the most magnificent books of all time called A Christmas Carol..
A charming little film that combines the magic and morals of "A Christmas Carol" with the artistic, financial and personal struggles of Charles Dickens' own story. The great writers of bygone eras are usually depicted as perfect, creative gods to school children, while the realities of their lives are incredibly similar to our own. Great writers and artists transcend misfortune and unhappiness to create enduring masterpieces that affect us all for centuries -- that is what sets geniuses apart from ordinary folk. Many wonderful films are overlooked on their first theatrical showings, only to become classics that require repeated viewing during the holidays or at other times. This little film might join that rarefied collection.
This is a terrific, captivating story that interweaves the writing of 'A Christmas Carol' with Dickens' own experiences. The result is a moving, lovely story that reflects what we have learned about Dickens' life, and what we think the creative process of creating one of the best stories of all time was for him. Dan Stevens is absolutely Wonderful as Charles Dickens, and Christopher Plummer makes a Scrooge that rivals all those who have come before.
What a wonderful, inspiring, delightful film! It’s a Christmas classic about a Christmas classic! I just watched it on Amazon Prime and loved it with every fiber of my being. I will buy it and watch it every year without fail I assure you! See this film. It will bring joy to your heart... and God bless us, every one.
I watched this as an in-flight movie and didn't have high hopes for it. I was stunned! This was an outstanding film that really demonstrates the writing process and how characters are developed. Is it historically accurate? Probably not. But it's a fantastic, fun movie I highly recommend!
This is one of the best Christmas movies i have seen in a long time.! The actors were exceptional! Thjs movie moves your heart & makes you cry. Loved it!
Good movie
Love it! Inspirational.
It's a good movie
Just wonderful...
Witty and kind movie.
Loved this film!
This film is perfect for the Christmas season. Gives an interesting take on how Dickens came to write his famous Christmas story. The film takes the idea that all the characters were people Dickens met or knew and he slowly integrates them into the novel. It also investigates his own past and relations with a somewhat dysfunctional father (well meaning and a hopeless businessman). I enjoyed it but it is a Christmas film so I will wait until the end of the year.
Very cute movie, although seems more like a nice tv movie than a theater release. Not authentic to Dickens life, but take it as a light fantasy and you'll be satisfied.
This movie is very much enjoyable and great for the whole family. And it’s worth the money to watch it.
This was an excellent movie! As a Dickens fan and a fan of A Christmas Carol, my family thought this to be excellently done. Set in a very interesting premise of Dickens fighting his own ghosts and interacting with the characters of the book (IOW, bringing his imagination to life), it was a very entertaining insight into the writing of the book. I didn't quite catch the title, but this movie is based on a book.Just look at the lop-sided number of 5-star reviews vs....EVERYTHING ELSE! As my headline states, Universal did a very, very 1-star job of marketing this movie. I never even heard of it. We were asking ourselves why we didn't even know this movie existed. If it weren't for Friday Family Movie Night and browsing around on Amazon, we would not have watched this. I highly recommend you rent it and see it anytime of the year. (It is March as of this viewing and review.)
Directed by Bharat Nalluri (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, MI-5) from a screenplay by Susan Coyne (Slings and Arrows, Anne of Green Gables) adapted from the book of the same name by Les Standiford, The Man Who Invented Christmas is an imaginative telling of how Charles Dickens came to write his classic novel A Christmas Carol. The performances by the cast are excellent, but two in particular stand out above the others: Christopher Plummer as Scrooge and Jonathan Pryce as Charles Dickens' charming but hopelessly irresponsible father, John Dickens. Note: it is absolutely vital that viewers have either read A Christmas Carol or at least seen a good film adaptation of it (the best IMHO being the 1951 version with Alistair Sim as Scrooge) before seeing The Man Who Invented Christmas. Otherwise they're going to miss most of the connections and references that occur in the film, particularly the more subtle ones dealing with where and how Dickens got his ideas for his characters. It is also helpful if viewers know something about Dickens' life, but the film does a fairly good job of filling in the background in that area. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who likes movies about the story-behind-the-story accounts of famous works, for anyone who's a fan of A Christmas Carol and/or Charles Dickens, and for any writer who's had to struggle with financial pressures, deadlines, writer's block and characters that refuse to do what you want them to do.
My wife and I saw it in an empty theater. Our kids didn’t even want to see it (teens). We made them come back with us for our second viewing (a week later and more people-word of mouth advertising) and both were tearful at the end. It really is that good of a movie. It will be one of those films we watch every Christmas. I have a feeling that word of mouth will do more for this film than any advertisement could hope for. One last thing, I thought I caught all the little details that made their way into the final draft of A Christmas Carol. I didn’t. Incredible attention to detail. It was really fun looking in the background for all the little things that were pertinent to A Christmas Carol.
My wife was browsing Amazon looking for another movie when she stumbled across this one. Sometimes you just don't know what you're going to get with movies on here, but to say that this one took us both by surprise would be an understatement. The quality of this movie and the acting are superb. As I usually do with movies of Historical Fiction, I took the time to see just how accurate this movie is to history. While they did take some literary license, it is expected. What was unexpected was that the movie was actually fairly true to the events around Dickens' writing of "A Christmas Carol". The period details and subtleties as you watch the movie are just exquisite for a movie that wasn't really widely released in theaters. To give this movie 5 stars is just as much a credit to the amazing work of the cast as it is to the writing, the costumes, the sets, and to every single person who worked on this movie. My hats off and high praise to each of you for this wonderful and unique look at such a beloved Christmas Classic!!
I kept a diligent eye out for the release of this movie. With Christmas being as busy as it always is, I was unable to go to the theater and watch it. But it was well worth the wait. The movie draws you into the Victorian time period in which Dickens lived. I’m sure much liberty was taken on how Charles Dickens wrote the famous Christmas Carol. But the structure they used to bring Scrooge, the ghosts, and the people of the past, present, and future to fruition, draws the viewer into Dickens world. He was known as a somewhat temperamental writer, and they displayed this in all its glory. They did fantastic work of weaving Dickens traumatized childhood to the forefront to remind the viewer of Dickens own ghosts. His fathers continual dalliance with money and his ever ongoing schemes to get rich, and placing his family into debt and eventually into debtors prison, was brilliantly displayed, as was Dickens darkest nightmare of working in a shoe blackening factory to help offset his fathers careless and thoughtless debt. The movie came together in a brilliant cacophony of the writing of the most well known Christmas tale and the life and times of Dickens himself.
It wasn't a WOW movie for me, but good. A lot of author stories running around these days, so why not Dickens. Even though Dickens was a non conformist in his time, I think he might have been a bit more Victorian in his manner, but maybe not. There were so many things that could have been more in character for the period, but in the long run a story was told and it was a good story. If any of that was true about his childhood, that's unimaginable. How does anyone rise up from that and have much hope of a good life? Seems this time in his life was a cross roads for him. He had to do battle with the demons latched on from his past and support his family or land in the workhouse. Not much fun, but he handled it very creatively - if any of that is true.
I was given a new 55" flat screen TV for Christmas and this seemed like the perfect movie to play on it for my first viewing experience and I wasn't disappointed. This is a very family friendly movie with several swings of emotions from sad to happy (shh, spoiler alert.....happy wins out!). I think the scariest scene was with Bob Marley first appearing, but I'd say that was a 3 out of 10 on the scary meter for children 8 and under so other than that I'd say it's perfectly suitable for children of any age. No bad language or inappropriate content. It is the perfect family film for any time of the year.
In complete honesty, I was offended by the title alone when this movie first came out in 2017. Why? Christmas wasn't invented. It's the celebrated birthday of Christ. I realize the movie is a dramatization of Dickens' life and career in 1843 and may or may not have reflected his thoughts and situation at the time, but it's an excellent retelling of the classic, enjoyable to watch, and a fun companion to reading or watching (or re-reading and re-watching!) any and all versions of A Christmas Carol. Also,( *SPOILER: Fiction writers know that their characters DO take on a life of their own at some point; writers become dictators. But what I appreciated most about this movie is that Dickens inadvertently used A Christmas Carol's protagonist (Scrooge) as the catalyst to Dickens's own redemption. That was an interesting yet fitting twist.
I admit that I don't understand the 5 star ratting this is averaging. I usually reserve 5 stars for the best of the best and to be honest I got a tiny bit bored during this movie BUT it has these things really going for it 1) great cast and acting 2) always interesting when it's based on a true story 3) beautiful film as a well done period piece can be 4) perfect to watch during the Christmas season 5) Very clean. Almost gave it 4 stars.
I had heard different stories about how Dickens wrote the Christmas Carol, but this one was very different. I love the fact that they brought the characters to life and had then interacting with Dickens throughout the writing process. Christopher Plummer was great as Scrooge. I did not recognize him at first.
I am a DEVOTED FAN of A Christmas Carol!! I had no idea how quickly Dickens wrote what is my favorite story! The movie may have exaggerated some of his actions, but it was fun- Glad I added it to my Christmas movie collection-- Kaye Cloniger
This was decent enough movie ~ I can't think of anything bad about the movie, except the father; I still would have sent him back to the home in the country. His behavior was still despicable; But this was a good watchable movie, leaves you with a good feeling;
If you love "A Christmas Carol" as much as I do, this background movie about Charles Dickens is absolutely required to truly understand it. Absolutely a delight and will be a requirement for showing every Christmas and any time a good story is needed.
Couldn't wait to get this one as I'm such a huge fan of A Christmas Carol. Think I've seen every variation on it and several I have to watch every Christmas. This was a feel good movie about the Spirit of Giving.
Seen this on Amazon Prime by my self, loved it so much I bought it. Wife and her mother watched it later - they loved it too - this will probably become a Christmas movie we watch every Christmas (along with the Christmas Carol muppet movie that one is already a tradition in our family). Enjoy
Very enjoyable and I didn't need to gouge my eyes out like I do when my wife turns on some redundant Hallmark Christmas movie with the same actors playing the same roles in some kissy, kissy life sucking sappy movie.
I have a collection of "Scrooge" movies and this one about how the story was written is the best! The acting is wonderful, the way the characters make their appearance in the story is ingenious and the Scrooge character is one of the best I've seen! This is definitely a keeper!
I like it. Could have been more in depth, but all in all a good story line. Just goes to show you, no matter what century you live in, its all the same. Its All Happen Before And Will Happen Again. Will People Ever Change????
I was skeptical when I saw this movie so I watched the trailer on youtube and saw the comments, enough to say what the heck. So yes I watched this and I am glad I did. This is an excellent movie very well done. Enjoyed it very much.
A pure enjoyable delight for any fan of "A Christmas Carol." The creativity used to bring this story to life was wonderful! Acting was superb all around but for me it was the way that the characters of the novel became intertwined with Dickens in his daily life that made me absolutely love watching this film! I cant wait to recomend this movie to friends and family! Unfortunately I only jave a week to do so before Christmas!
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