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GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management

GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management

GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management

1 Sets
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Price Period
According to your request
6 to 12 meters
Pack in plastic paper or under customer’s request
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Quantity Needed:
Product Comparison
Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of antenna tower. It is of fine workmanship and good quality and is well sold in the domestic market.Compared with similar products, GH Steel Structure's antenna tower has the following advantages.
Application Scope
communications tower produced by GH Steel Structure is mainly used in the following fields.GH Steel Structure has many years of industrial experience and great production capability. We are able to provide customers with quality and efficient one-stop solutions according to different needs of customers.
Company Advantages
1. The production planning of GH led street light is flexible and efficient.
2. Strict quality control system is adopted to provide strong guarantee for product quality.
3. The implementation of the quality control system ensures that the product is defect free.
4. [企业简称] learns foreign advanced technology and introduces sophisticated production equipment. In addition, we have a special inspection department to conduct strict performance tests. All this provides a strong guarantee for high quality and stable performance of smart street light .
5. [企业简称] has a team of professional engineers with rich experience in design, production and installation. In addition, we have introduced advanced production equipment. All this provides favorable conditions for producing smart street light with excellent performance and high quality.

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Intelligent street lamp control the remote centralized management of the street lamps through the advanced,efficient and reliable power line carrier communication technology and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technology.The intelligent lamp can adjust automatically the luminance according to the traffic flow,it also has those functions: the remote lighting control, monitor and control unit, air environment monitoring system,fault active alarm,lamp cable anti-theft,remote meter reading,etc.Those function can make us saving the power resources,improving the public lighting management level,reducing the maintenance costs.

Product Parameter

OriginChinaMinimum order1 set
Payment termL/C, T/TShipment termFOB, C&F, CIF
Height6 to 12 meters
MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum field strength >=345N/mm2;  Q235B/A36,minimum field strength >=235N/mm2;  we can provide more stronger materials under your request
ToleranceAccording to your request
Surface testHot galvanization based on the standard of the steel technical specification on ASTM A123 , or the customer's request.
Connection ModeComponent assembly
StandardISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001
Per Section LengthBelow 12 meters
Wind pressure0.35-1.00 KN/m2
Hot-dip Galvanization thicknessPlating thickness less than 5mm, Zinc thickness more than 65μm, Plating thickness more than or equal 5mm, Zinc thickness more than86μm, tolerance less than 10μm
Production ProcedureOriginal material test→cutting→bending→welding(fore-and-aft )→measurement checking→flange welding→making hole→making sample→surface clean→hot-galvanization and surface preparation→painting→re-check→packing
PackingPack in plastic paper or under customer's request
Shipment dateQuantityDelivery day

50 sets30 days

Product Advantage

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GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management-3
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GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management-5
GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management-6
GH aumatic brightness adjustment smart street light cost effective for lighting management-7

Advantage: Modular customized design

Customer’s request:

communicate with the customer patiently,know about what their demand and expectation are,and confirm the design requirements.

Function Design:

R&D Department start to design the function for the wireless equipment ,confirm meeting the customer’s demand for  the optional module equipment.

Appearance Design:

Invest the surrounding environment,the appearance should be coordinated with the surrounding environment.

Structure Design:

The wireless structure design should be according to the international standard with the safety checking, and then made the drawing after calculation.

Product Quality Standard

1. All the original materials and finished products should be 100% checking.

2. We already obtain the ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005 and OHSAS18001 quality and safety certificate.

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Split Charging Partial Packing Part Remark Loading Shipment

Customer Thank You Letter

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Company Features
1. In the process, GH is always in a dominant position in smart street light industry.
2. The leaders of GH always pay closer to the quality of smart street lamp.
3. Honesty is always the purpose of our company. We set ourself against any illegal or unscrupulous business which harms people's rights and benefits. Contact! Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is professional and will provide the high-quality intelligent street lamp . Contact!
A famous author has had some recent writing busts and is virtually out of funds. He seeks a financial advance and can only get get income with the promise of an up coming book This shows the anguish of pounding out a book on deadline as he is constantly hounded by interruptions and he has to face down his own demons in flashbacks. Occasionally a bit slow as making a MOVIE about WRITING is no easy task. The characters come to life (as they do in actual writing) in an effort to assist him in accomplishing the goal. Beautifully filmed, occasionally emotional.
Price was right and worked as advertised. Instructions were sparse and mounting hardware was clumsy. Motion detection range is limited. I like the remote, but its range is even more limited. Function with two lights in proximity is a little quirky. Only time will tell how durable the product is but I have my doubts. Did not expect much more at the price so I am ambivalent about the product.
Great movie! Nice to get it.
Nice bright light. One of the brightest solar lights that we have. It easily attached to our fence and seemed like it could attach most places.
Great Movie...came as promised.
a new Christmas classic
A very good story done on how the book " A Christmas Carol" came to be.
Oh my goodness. If you needed a great laugh, and a spot of well-earned sentiment, with delightful characters and first class acting - then this is the movie for you. Obviously we saw it in mid-June and not during December, but it will put you in touch with the real meaning of what Charles Dickens wanted folks to learn: that Christmas shouldn't be a day, but that charity, and compassion, and forgiveness, should be the way you live your life. Every day. It is something anyone, from any faith tradition (and especially those who claim not to have one) could improve on. Watch it with someone you love.
First and foremostly, this film is not about Charles Dickens as a delusional, hallucinating, schizophrenic crackpot. So, I invite all of the nay-sayers to, just for an hour, leave that scientific and factual bench of dissection and analysis, and take a seat on the bench which lights up your imaginations, evokes those deep emotions like love and charity, which warm your hearts and minds while memories of loved ones seep into those oh so logical brains of yours. This is about the creative process...going through the mind's eye of the artist....elements that fire the imagination, spark hope, and set alight that flame in all of us, which are love and forgiveness. A depiction of the artist's struggle, this film lets us into the creative world and imagination of the artist....and all those subtle things which to artists, may have a place in a later book, story or poem....but which to us....are nothing...things like Charles Dickens early noticing of the chains ("...forged, link by link, yard by yard, of my own free will...") wrapped around the safe....the waiter, whose name happens to be Marley (with an E), the door knocker on Dickens' desk, and the early introduction of the term "humbug", just to name a few. These ordinary, unremarkable, every day and boring names and metaphors become ideas that are later sewn into the fabric of a it body, style and originality. What this film isn't is a documentary of Charles Dickens' life or mental state, while writing "A Christmas Carole". It is a depiction of his struggle to create a classic work of art, and what he may have seen in his own mind's eye. Personally, one of my favorite characters, is Tara...the young Irish servant, who (through her story telling, early in the movie) ends up being a sort of muse to Charles Dickens' character. When she asks Dickens "How do you do that?....Make a world come alive...I can almost see and hear the people."...that is the mark of a truly great writer. I can think of one other writer who did that for me, and that was Tolkein. When a reader becomes so immersed in the characters and setting written in a book, it taps an otherwise dormant imagination. Believe it or not, that's a good thing. I very highly recommend this family holiday film, for it does the same thing as the actual story of "A Christmas Carole" itself does, which is to warm the heart and inspire us all to be better people, all year 'round. This film is a brilliant gem, which will now officially be included in my favorite, most heart warming and inspirational films to watch during the Christmas season. God bless us, everyone.
From the exquisite theatrical-like sets to the fascinating new take on an old, possibly well worn old plot, this film is simply splendid. The sets are marvelously colorful and extremely detailed, creating a vivid imaginary sense of the literary "Victorian" era perfectly. The cinematography, strong on modern steady cam realism and unexpected angles and focal length shots, the very inventive script, the music, all very original and very well done. The acting is breathtaking. While the major characters, like Scrooge and Dickens, are original and incredibly well acted, the "secondary" characters, like Leech the Artist, Haddock the Lawyer, Tara the Maid, Mrs. Dickens, (both of them,) even the Pie Man, are the real showstoppers. The depth and subtlety these actors put into every scene and moment on camera has to be seen to be believed. Among the best, most nuanced acting I've ever seen in film. The Man who Invented Christmas is truly a feast on every level..
Excellent product. Very pleased and would recommend to anyone.
This is a great show which we will be adding to our traditional list of Christmas movies: Scrooge!, A Christmas Story, and others as the mood fits.
Very bright and very light. Installed over a stairwell. This is the trick.
So well done. I had goosebumps at the end. Superb and a great follow up after Scrooged with Bill Murray. ?
Everything is good except last night i came and light wont turn on. I use the remote it only blink when i press the mode and it wont stay on
We enjoyed this movie beyond expectation. We plan to watch this on Christmas Eve again. Love the way the story melded former Dickens works and even gave foreshadowing of future masterpieces. Don't miss this treasure!
This movie was highly entertaining with a light and childlike quality I found delightful.
It’s so good I’m going to get one.
The whole family loved it even though it received a rotten tomato award!
I saw this movie in the theater last Christmas and it was perfect as a seasonal treat. I watched it a few nights ago as a Prime rental and showed it to a friend. Still, a good movie with a great cast. There is plenty of drama, plenty of humor and I couldn't find fault with anything. It might not be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed it and will watch it next Christmas, too.
I know nothing about Charles Dicken's real life. But this story, A Christmas Carol, is familiar from my childhood onward. This story portraying Dickens, his normal household, and the imaginary characters of the Christmas story he wrote was brilliant and entertaining. I will share this with my mother and son, and my friends with joy. It's a fine movie and has so much in it which were thankfully kept out of the trailers.
This solar light is mini size but i like with remote control , i put out door charging than i use for work way it have sensor too, some time i take with me look thing at dark ,very nice and easy to use , very bright .
I compared these to custom dynamic lights. The circled lights are custom dynamics. They are identical to the custom dynamics. Very easy to install and just as bright as the custom dynamics. I would highly recommend these. I had zero issue installing these and there’s no reason you should have to force your lenses on if you have the bulbs lined up correctly. I will upload pics of them on the bike and working soon. But a great product
Although I do not care for the title, as if Dickens invented the birth of Jesus, this was a great and creative story. Top actors and actresses; great dialogue; ingenious tale of a tale. I will keep it as one of my Christmas regulars as the season comes.
One of the best Christmas movies ever! Take a trip back in time to meet Charles Dickens the creative genius who brought us a Christmas Carol. Fantastic imagery takes you back to the 1800's where you can walk with Charles Dickens as he brings the story to life. This movie is filled with tender moments (tissues, please!) excitement, and the day to day challenges we all face. I love this movie! It is a brilliant masterpiece!
This is a great new addition to my list of favorite Christmas movies!! If you have not recently read Dickens original Christmas Carol, you might want to before watching this. I found this to be a very moving, original and perfectly cast show. I hope and expect that it will become more and more popular for many Christmases to come! Many thanks to all who were involved in this soulful production!! Merry Christmas!
A wonderful movie with great acting, period scenery and music. A classic now to watch every Christmas.
Great acting. Great story. Well made. Everything a movie should be.
I loved this movie. The struggles of Charles Dickens to produce a book with heart and soul while struggling in his own heart and soul--it is vivid and real. I loved the depictions of his characters and of his family and household. The tie-in's between his own troubled life and his work are poignant. A beautiful production that I will watch again and again!
I really liked it. I found it well acted and well told.
Interesting movie. I learned things about Dickens life that I had no idea about before. Very enjoyable.
A wonderful movie for te whole family at Christmas
A great Christmas movie
I adore Charles Dickens, Christmas, and "A Christmas Carol" and I deeply identify with the struggles, methods and quirks of artists as shown in this movie. If you are a creative type, are a fan of Dickens, or Christmas, I highly recommend this movie
I was able to enjoy the movie without sex, bad language, vulgarity or other uncomfortable issues. It was a funny comedy but still had a very insightful moral lesson. I enjoyed this movie with my husband after he got home from work. It was nice to relax and just watch a good clean comedy movie.
This film is very well done - acting, period sets, videography - its got it all. It is entertaining and informative, giving fascinating background on The Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Watching this movie is a new Christmas tradition at my house.
Beautifully made and fantastically played!
Real Cool non Christmas Movie but is a Christmas movie
I thought the light is very good, dont care for the screws to install but great light. I mounted this on the very top of my house for extra security.
The gift was well received
Excellent, such a great movie.
An amazing biographical tale of "A Christmas Carol". I loved the characters, the scenery, and the whimsy of creating a beloved book that has lasted for so long. Inspirational portrayal of an inspirational author and his most inspirational book.
Not for little ones (a bit scary). Solid plot and some action.
Excellent Christmas movie and one that you can watch come every Christmas season.Thumbs-up for the movie makers and Dickens.
Unexpectedly lovely movie, especially if you are a Christmas Carol fan.
Surprisingly wonderful and full of great actors. Definitely a family movie.
We just finished this delightful movie and want to highly recommend it. It is rare these days to find such an entertaining yet family friendly film. The acting was superb and the plot had sufficient twists to keep it interesting.
Great story. Great performances.
Our family watches A Christmas Carol in some version (George C. Scott, Alistair Sim...even Bill Murray or the Muppets!) every year, so this "making of" story was right up our alley. My nine-year old daughter loved putting the pieces together of how Dickens was inspired by real-life characters and events, and I loved Dan Stevens' and Christopher Plummer's wonderful performances, plus a full cast of excellent British actors. Just a pure pleasure and one we will repeat many times, I am sure!
Wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to purchase this one because it had not been very long running in the theaters, but glad I did. I have no idea how much of it is fact based, but the truth is that I have always love the story and the credits at the end are amazing. Of special note is that the first printing was only release a week before Christmas. It was sold out before Christmas day.
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