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GH advanced technology smart street light good for

GH advanced technology smart street light good for

GH advanced technology smart street light good for

1 Sets
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Price Period
According to your request
3 to 6 meter
Pack in plastic paper or under customer’s request
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Product Details
GH Steel Structure pays great attention to details of steel structure.steel structure is a truly cost-effective product. It is processed in strict accordance with relevant industry standards and is up to the national quality control standards. The quality is guaranteed and the price is really favorable.
Product Comparison
GH Steel Structure carefully selects quality raw materials. Production cost and product quality will be strictly controlled. This enables us to produce antenna tower which is more competitive than other products in the industry. It has advantages in internal performance, price, and quality.GH Steel Structure's antenna tower has the following advantages over other similar products.
Company Advantages
1. smart street light , designed by professionals, is simple in appearance and compact in structure, and flexible in interior layout. It is avaliable to set window position at will. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and disassemble.
2. The product features pressure-crack resistance. It is able to withstand heavy weight load or any exterior pressure without causing any deformation.
3. The product is safe enough. The insulation materials used have a proven safety record, which ensures it not prone to the leakage of electricity.
4. [企业简称] has a team of professional engineers with rich experience in design, production and installation. In addition, we have introduced advanced production equipment. All this provides favorable conditions for producing smart street light with excellent performance and high quality.

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Invisible micro-station, beautified micro-station is one kind of  3-6 meters high micro-community lamp, the design fuses the conventional courtyard lamp design, high fusion park, square, school, community and many other occasions. The lamppost  is equipped with two advertising boxes shaped by high-precision modules. The function of the box is mainly used to install the launching equipment, and after checking, the attenuation rate of the transmission frequency should meet the  requirement and also provide small community advertisement in the same time, it can be used for rental or public service advertising posting. This station uses the separate and prefabricated preforms,it is flexible and resolved,so it is easy and rapid install,it also reduce the effect of disturbing people.
The micro-station has rich various and customized design, it also resolve the stealth of base station equipment and reduces the difficulty of selected location collaborated with the surrounding environment of the community.Advantage: micro stealth, fast installation,harmony and beauty,value-added services.

Product Parameter

OriginChinaMinimum order1 set
Payment termL/C, T/TShipment termFOB, C&F, CIF
Height3 to 6 meters
MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum yield strength >=345N/mm2;  Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength >=235N/mm2;  we can provide stronger material under customer's request.
StructureSegmented structure, Advertising light box, Beautifying stone
Lamp pole colourselected
ToleranceAccording to the customer's request
Surface testHot galvanization based on the standard of the steel technical specification on ASTM A123 , or the customer's request.
Advertising light box specificationWith heat dissipation and rain water diversion hole,high precision mould forming, suitable for Huawei antenna:BOOK RRU
StandardISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001
Per Section LengthBelow 6 meters
Wind Pressure0.35-1.00 KN/m2
Hot-dip Galvanization thicknessPlating thickness less than 5mm, Zinc thickness more than 65μm, Plating thickness more than or equal 5mm, Zinc thickness more than86μm, tolerance less than 10μm
Production ProcedureOriginal material test→cutting→bending→welding(fore-and-aft )→measurement checking→flange welding→making hole→making sample→surface clean→hot-galvanization and surface preparation→painting→re-check→packing
PackingPack in plastic paper or under customer's request

Product Advantage

Advantage: Invisible micro-station, beautification micro-station, engraved lamp pole are elegant, all equipments are hidden. Factory prefabricated foundation are most quickly built with concealed work.

GH advanced technology smart street light good for-2

The launcher is at the top of the bar

GH advanced technology smart street light good for-3

Factory prefabricated foundation

Product Quality Standard

1. All the original materials and finished products should be 100% checking.

2. We already obtain the  ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005 and OHSAS18001 quality and safety certificate.

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GH advanced technology smart street light good for-5
GH advanced technology smart street light good for-6
GH advanced technology smart street light good for-7


GH advanced technology smart street light good for-8
GH advanced technology smart street light good for-9
GH advanced technology smart street light good for-10
GH advanced technology smart street light good for-11

Split Charging Partial Packing Part Remark Loading Shipment

Customer Thank You Letter

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Company Features
1. Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is trustworthy Chinese manufacturer of smart street light . We are the best when it comes to manufacturing capability and experience.
2. Our team spans designing, manufacturing, quality/compliance/regulatory, continuous improvement, and distribution & logistics. All of the team members have extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields they serve.
3. Customers' trust is GH Steel Structure's driving force for excellence. Ask! Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd is a well-known company that is committed to becoming one of the most competitive exporters in the led street light market. Ask!
Good movie
Love it! Inspirational.
It's a good movie
Just wonderful...
Witty and kind movie.
Loved this film!
This film is perfect for the Christmas season. Gives an interesting take on how Dickens came to write his famous Christmas story. The film takes the idea that all the characters were people Dickens met or knew and he slowly integrates them into the novel. It also investigates his own past and relations with a somewhat dysfunctional father (well meaning and a hopeless businessman). I enjoyed it but it is a Christmas film so I will wait until the end of the year.
Very cute movie, although seems more like a nice tv movie than a theater release. Not authentic to Dickens life, but take it as a light fantasy and you'll be satisfied.
This movie is very much enjoyable and great for the whole family. And it’s worth the money to watch it.
Nice, lightweight, easy to install, bright downlight. I now have two of them. They work perfectly! I recommend these.
Brighter than I expected but very cheaply made. I am concerned over how well this will hold up on freezing temperatures with a few inches of wet snow on top of it.
very nice light, easy installation and works as advertised
Works as expected; gives out a very bright light. Easy to install for replacement of old halogen lamps. Huge energy saver.
Awesome and easy
amazing light
it fits the use i ordered it for quite well,it gives a bright white light
This is a really nice light. I would buy it again
Great light for the yard!
Great fixture. Keep my back yard, chicken area, shed protected with brightness.
My wife and I have become Charles Dickens fans and thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I'll go so far as to say that it exceeded our expectations and deserves the 5 stars most reviewers have given to it. Dan Stevens, of Downton Abbey fame, brings great energy and insight into his role as Dickens and Christopher Plummer, at age 88, is memorable as Scrooge. The film is based to a degree on the true story behind getting "A Christmas Carol" published in December, 1843, just in time for the Christmas market. The book quickly sold out, of course, and has become the classic we all know and love. But the book is more than just a wonderful story about the holiday season and the redemption of an old miser, Ebenezer Scrooge. What we see and feel is something that changed people's lives for the better as they enjoy the season and try to make life better for everyone around them. This was the true genius of Dickens. Not only does he tell a story, but he gets across a social message that we all can relate to. The weak must be helped by the strong. The poor must be helped by the well-to-do. If he were alive today, Charles Dickens would win the Nobel peace price, the Nobel prize for literature, and the gratitude of millions of people whose lives were changed by his words. What a great writer he was and we have his novels and other writings to prove it. "Great Expectations," "David Copperfield," "Nicholas Nickleby," and, of course, "A Christmas Carol" are his finest works and are all relevant today. They deserve our time and attention as does this terrific little film, much of which was beautifully filmed in Ireland. Any Dickens or "Scrooge" fan must see and treasure "The Man Who Invented Christmas."
What a wonderful story. It was really fun and entertaining to get a view of what it may have been like to right such a story. Since I am not a writer I found this laugh out-loud, surprising, thought provoking movie just a joy to watch.The characters were just so precious in their Victorian ways, I almost hated that it came to an end. Well worth the watch and will be watching again before the season is over. Have it on my wish list to purchase in the near future.
This was one of the most magical and awe-inspiring films I have seen in a long long time! Absolutely exquisite and so well acted by Dan Stevens and Christopher Plummer. I have been a bit of a Scrooge in life around Christmas and this melted my heart and inspired me! Best watch in a long while...enchanting!
Wow! I'm so impressed. This was an absolutely delightful Christmas film. So compelling – I didn't want it to end! Like others, I was initially turned away by the title, which makes it sound like Christmas is a fraud, or that the movie is about a charlatan. So glad I took a chance. I can definitely see watching this every Christmas from now on. One thing to note is that this is not exactly family-friendly...there are a couple of spots that are a bit too dark for kiddos. But overall, a warm and heartening film, which is exactly what folks need at this time of the year!
A Christmas Carol is by far my favorite story (I read it faithfully every year and watch at least two different movie versions). I was hooked by the telling of the “inspiration” behind the story; it was interesting, funny, sometimes poignant and I thought the scenes were beautiful and richly captured the era. For me, it’s now a holiday must but I agree with other reviewers that this film is appropriate any time is the year.
We loved this film sooooooooo much. You will not be disappointed if you are a Dickens fan. The writers, the actors, etc. are PERFECT! Beautiful art, set, costume design. This Movie is beautiful through and through. Dickens Quote is mentioned in the movie: No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. Charles Dickens
What a wonderful idea. Based on fact with a clever cast/director/CGI, this should please ANYONE that celebrates Christmas and loves sharing Christmas with their family... and friends.
I remember when this came out and I think with the title the Man Who Invented Christmas turned me off and a lot of other people also, a little bit on the blasphemous, so we never went to the theaters to see it . That being said I just watched it on prime video and really enjoyed it . I think the casting of the actors was spot on, Christopher Plummer was the best Scrooge I've ever seen. This movie will be added to my yearly Christmas movie must see list.
My husband is not a fan of Christmas movies but I forced him to sit down and watch this one with me. We both knew right from the start that this one was going to be special. The story of Dickens and his famous Christmas tale was well written and very well acted. Great for history buffs, art lovers, lovers of classic literature or just those who like a decent and "intelligent" movie with a great plot.
I thought it would be more like a documentary type movie about Charles Dickens "inspiration" for the Christmas Carol, but it was brilliant. Can't say enough! Very entertaining, period piece, LOVE Dan Stevens and all the acting was great. Watching Dickens book truly come to life in front of his and viewers eyes is such a great concept. Made it multi-dimentional intertwining his life story with that of the Christmas Carol's characters. Loved it!
Good quality light. I've had it about a year so far.
This light is great. It has worked flawlessly since being installed.
These are great outdoor security lights!
The best for the price. I already bought 3
This light is great!!!
works good
This is a great light! I used it to replace an old sodium light for my drive way after my neighbors started to complain about ut. The old light broadcast light everywhere and into thier windows at night. After receiving this light and removing to Old one this took less than 10 minutes to install. It broadcasts the light down and quite far, think the instructions said about 120 feet to the sides if the light is 25 feet off the ground. I ha e a large drive way and this turned out better than i expected and it seems brighter than the old light as well. Very happy with the purchase and the price was right.
works great plus I use it to spot light my US flag.
great bright light
The best for the money
This light lights up a huge area of my property. I'm planning to purchase another one soon for the inside of my pole barn...will just put tape over the sensor and hook it up to a switch. And that it uses only 33W of power is amazing. Would definitely recommend.
This light is very bright and is very simple to install. I used the provided wall/flush mount, (4 mounting screws not provided) drilled a hole for the wiring to go threw the wall, complete installation was about five minutes.
Great product will buy again
Great product, above and beyond expectations, very bright light source and amazing quality
It did not light up as much area as I expected it to!
Great lights
Easy install. no issues to install. Noticed My TSSM light came on my speedometer. Made a comment to manufacture after they reached out. I explained that my TSSM light came on they suggested I installed load resisters. Gave my the part number & I ordered them. Don't be discouraged, both lights & resisters are a easy install. And your bike will stand out, already my friends are asking about my lights. " they stand out when your stop lights come on". Just ordered a set for my friends ride.
I read previous reviews before purchasing this LED kit. As others stated the lenses were too large to fit properly. Even after filing the tabs on the lens two of the tabs broke off. The LED portion did plug in easily and worked great but now I’m missing a lens.
Great lights and super easy to install only down side is that the smoked lens didnt fit had an issue with one rear lights but I contacted the seller and they addressed it professionally and quick
Brightest light out there. I have a set of the high brand lights and these are better.
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