Guanheng is specialized in steel structure engineering since 1987.

Are we informed about antenna support pole weight and volume after shipment?
Yes. Typically, Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd will inform the customer of the volumetric weight of antenna support pole after shipment. Our customers don’t need to worry about keeping track of various DIM weight calculations, because we understand well how shipping fees are calculated and will keep track of any changes that occur. We know that making a simple shift can cut shipping expenses considerably. To avoid overpaying and keep chargeable weight to the minimum possible, we will let our freight forwarder know in advance when we are expecting deliveries. They will be able to creatively combine the packages to simplify logistics and cut the shipping costs.
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GH Steel Structure has been one of the most competitive manufacturers since establishment. We design, manufacture, and test communications tower for a wide variety of applications. GH Steel Structure is mainly engaged in the business of antenna cover and other product series. GH communication tower strictly undergoes a series of testing. For example, the backlight photoelectric parameters and light uniformity are checked carefully. The zinc thickness is enough to prevent rust or other hidden dangers. The use of this product will effectively support people to live a better life. It helps people reduce carbon footprint. The inner flange connection finished between each section inside the product ensures the concentricity and perpendicularity, which ensures its overall structural stability.

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