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PEB Structures and Components - Mezzanine Systems

by:GH     2020-04-05
PEB structures are cost-effective steel solutions for constructing buildings with ultimate design flexibility within an extremely short span of time. The pre engineered steel structures are supplied as fully finished products along with building accessories and roof and wall claddings. These pre fabricated steel structures require no on-site fabrication and can easily be bolted together as per requirements. A PEB steel structure is built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members and cover sheeting connected to each other. It can also be fitted with various additional structural components like trusses, mezzanines, fascias, canopy, and crane systems as per one's requirements. Primary members usually consist of columns, rafters, beams that are commonly fabricated from high strength materials like Galvalume. Using these components the primary frame built up sections are made by using beam welding machines, arc welding machines etc... Secondary members of pre engineered buildings include steel purlins, girts and eave struts. Purlins are generally used to support the roof panels where as girts are used to provide framework for wall cladding for sidewalls and end walls. These are the cold formed sections usually prepared by bending galvanized steel coil in desired shapes like C shaped purlins, C Girts, Z shaped purlins, and Z Girts. Compared to C purlins, Z purlins are more adopted for pre-engineered buildings as these provide a great advantage of being lapped at support points and nested together to increase the stiffness providing additional strength and reduced deflection to structures. The eave girts, cold formed C sections, are implemented at the corners to support sheetings. Prefabricated mezzanines are cost effective ways to create additional storage space in new or existing building. A standard mezzanine system consists of steel deck support by joists onto main mezzanine beams. All the material handling is done by crane systems in industrial buildings. Supported by crane runway beams these allow more efficient utilization of space by reducing traffic due to forklifts. With all these and many other readily available, efficient components PEBs are best for constructing warehouses, factory sheds, factory buildings, commercial centers, storage sheds, aircraft hangars or any institutional building in short time.
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