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An Inside Look at the World's Largest Steel Globe

by:GH     2020-04-06
There are many infamous steel structures located throughout the world. I have shared with you comprehensive information about the Eiffel Tower, the London Olympics Aquatic Center and the massive outdoor metal sculptures located at the Olympic Structure Park. It is true that these are all grandiose compositions that leave onlookers admiring and wondering how it was even possible to create such a thing. How many people did it take? What were the labor costs? What obstacles came about? These are all valid questions that need further investigating but before I address any of these questions I shall share with you one more structure yet to be mentioned. It is a structure that deserves this article to be dedicated to. It is known as the largest global structure in the world, the Unisphere. The Unisphere was a commissioned sculpture funded by the United States Steel Corporation to be featured at the 1964-1965 New York World's Fair. The Fair Committee was searching for an iconic design that would represent the global interdependence and celebrate the launch of the new space age era. Derived from these parameters the Unisphere was created by a landscape architect by the name of Gilmore D. Clarke. While Clarke is the one who designed the Unisphere and the United States Steel Corporation is the one who paid for it, the construction responsibility lied in the hands of the American Bridge Company. The American Bridge Company built a 12 story high, 120 feet diameter, Type 304 stainless steel globe. It weighs more than 700,000 pounds, features a stream of water jets rising out of a surrounding reflection pool and displays three rings of orbits circling the globe. These three orbits represent three significant achievements in space. One orbit signifies the American astronaut John Glenn and his triumph of being the first American to orbit the Earth. Another orbit ring acknowledges Yuri Gagarin as the first man in space; and the third symbolizes the first operating communications satellite known as the Telstar. This structure is unique from other metal works during the same time period due to its unusual lighting effects. At night, the fair featured the structure by shining intense lighting onto the surface. The effect of the lighting against the shiny, steel surface emitted an image of a sunrise moving across the Earth. Furthermore, in the original design there were four light bulbs placed in each nation's capitals and indicating the Kahnawake Indian Reservation. This was done as homage to the iron workers from the Reservation that worked on the structure. There are many more infamous stainless steel structures throughout the world. Take a look in your own area. Discover what works of metal are near your own hometown.
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