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Shenzhen-Shantou Intelligent Community Project

Shenzhen-Shantou Intelligent Community  Project


1、Multi-function Screen  2、Intelligent Monitor   3、Free WIFI    4、Manhole Cover Monitor   5、Intelligent garbage can   6、Intelligent garden irrigation


  Public WIFI、4G Micro-station,  connecting the city with wireless website.

  Intelligent Lighting:

  According to the  environmental illumination, vehicle flow and human flow, we can analyze and judge intelligently, adjust the luminance of road lighting in real time, and reduce the energy consumption without affecting the lighting quality

Intelligent Sence:

  Integration of environment-aware equipment, we can monitor  the surrounding environment, real-time environmental and meteorology. And then the people can know today's PM2.5 index, the atmospheric environment and 

weather conditions.

Green Sources:

  With the car charging pile,it can charge the electric vehicle. And the charging pile operation management system will realize the idle charging pile inquiry, making reservation in advance, the route navigation and the mobile 


Intelligent Traffic:

  Intelligent parking system, realize peripheral free parking inquiry, reservation, navigation, parking, reverse search, mobile phone payment function.

Intelligent Life:

  Lamp pole integrated screen, real-time release of service information, weather early warning, traffic conditions broadcast, real-time traffic guidance. Providing public information query functions such as city publicity, traffic 

inquiry, public facilities inquiry, peripheral services, etc.

Intelligent municipal administration:

  The real-time monitoring of municipal facilities such as the city pit cover are realized by the Internet of the intelligent sensing technology, and the remote monitoring of the underground water municipal management network 

is realized, and the intelligent management is realized. The RFID technology is used for realizing the management of the identity identification, distribution, positioning and movement state of the sanitation operator in the region.