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GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting

1 Sets
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Price Period
According to your request
3 to 6 meters
Pack in plastic paper or under customer’s request
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GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-1
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-2

Invisible micro-station, beautified micro-station is one kind of  3-6 meters high micro-community lamp, the design fuses the conventional courtyard lamp design, high fusion park, square, school, community and many other occasions. The lamppost  is equipped with two advertising boxes shaped by high-precision modules. The function of the box is mainly used to install the launching equipment, and after checking, the attenuation rate of the transmission frequency should meet the  requirement and also provide small community advertisement in the same time, it can be used for rental or public service advertising posting. This station uses the separate and prefabricated preforms,it is flexible and resolved,so it is easy and rapid install,it also reduce the effect of disturbing people.
The micro-station has rich various and customized design, it also resolve the stealth of base station equipment and reduces the difficulty of selected location collaborated with the surrounding environment of the community.Advantage: micro stealth, fast installation,harmony and beauty,value-added services.

Product Parameter

OriginChinaMinimum order1 set
Payment termL/C, T/TShipment termFOB, C&F, CIF
Height3 to 6 meters
MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum yield strength >=345N/mm2;  Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength >=235N/mm2;  we can provide stronger material under customer's request.
StructureSegmented structure, Advertising light box, Beautifying stone
Lamp pole colourselected
ToleranceAccording to the customer's request
Surface testHot galvanization based on the standard of the steel technical specification on ASTM A123 , or the customer's request.
Advertising light box specificationWith heat dissipation and rain water diversion hole,high precision mould forming, suitable for Huawei antenna:BOOK RRU
StandardISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001
Per Section LengthBelow 6 meters
Wind Pressure0.35-1.00 KN/m2
Hot-dip Galvanization thicknessPlating thickness less than 5mm, Zinc thickness more than 65μm, Plating thickness more than or equal 5mm, Zinc thickness more than86μm, tolerance less than 10μm
Production ProcedureOriginal material test→cutting→bending→welding(fore-and-aft )→measurement checking→flange welding→making hole→making sample→surface clean→hot-galvanization and surface preparation→painting→re-check→packing
PackingPack in plastic paper or under customer's request

Product Advantage

Advantage: Invisible micro-station, Beautification micro-station, adverting revenue, function of signal transmitting and concealment is considered at the same time, Factory preform, easy and fast installation.

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-3

Small community advertising

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-4

Factory prefabricated foundation

Product Quality Standard

1. All the original materials and finished products should be 100% checking.

2. We already obtain the  ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005 and OHSAS18001 quality and safety certificate.

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-5
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-6
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-7
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-8


GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-9
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-10
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-11
GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-12

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Customer Thank You Letter

GH efficient intelligent street lighting suitable for public lighting-13

Very entertaining
A wonderful look at how the book may possibly have come to life, Simply a beautiful story, beautifully told. Don't missi it.
Put it in use immediately when it came in. pretty strong lights in such tiny shape. wasn't expecting it to work so well. Highly recommended.
Wonderful movie!
It is so wonderful I can hardly put it into words! Give it a watch, you won't regret it!
This movie gave me goosebumps!
In the words of my wife "Beautiful. Simply Beautiful!"
Loved this movie! Very entertaining, a must for Christmas time
Great storytelling and superb acting! A new favorite.
A wonderful movie and a fun insight into the making of A Christmas Carol. I highly recommend this movie.
Great solar light. I just built a tree house for my son and mounted it on the little porch. Gives off a lot of light. Would definitely recommend.
Install very quickly. Good light coverage above garage door. Replace same model florescent fixture which was in service for 11 years.
This was a great story on how Charles Dickens wrote the Christmas Carol. I have told all my friends they need to watch and they have not been disappointed
Very good movie which we saw in a theater. The society depicted and the scenery were authentic and the theme fills up your heart. Also a wonderful study of creativity.
Wonderful story of how Charles Dickens created the classic Christmas story of Ebenezer Scrooge and all the other characters in a Christmas carol.
Simple install. This is a bright light it replace a mercury vapor ballast 250w bulb and it gives off a similar brightness, just more focused downward. Will see if it stands the test of time.
What a surprise! A great biographical story about Charles Dickens. The name is misleading, it is actually about how he wrote A Christmas Carol and the events in his life. Very well done - the whole family enjoyed it!
Awesome solar lights! Works well. Very bright and easy to install by follow instructions. Motion detector works good as well. Very efficiency. Love this solar lights.
We are renting a house and wanted more light in the back yard. This is a great option! We really love that it is solar and the remote it great to adjust the lighting. I think you could also use this camping
Nice addition to the Christmas movie collection.
As a fan of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" I was drawn to a movie detailing, with excellent actors in the cast, the imaginative rendering of the writer's struggle with both his art and his personal life, skillfully intertwined in a way that brought the story to life. I am glad I took the time to watch this movie!
I loved this movie! There were some moments that seemed harsh, especially between Charles and his father, but it turned out fine in the end. It took me a little bit to realize that Charles was really at a point in his life where he was dealing with his own personal demons. Several events intersected as he was writing the book that actually enabled him to write the tale. It was interesting to realize that he was actually a lot like Scrooge. Not sure if everything was completely historically accurate, but the way the story was woven together was nicely done. Some people have mentioned that he seemed schizophrenic, but I didn't feel that way at all. I think genius works like that. He became so entrenched with the characters that were already in his head, but it would be weird if we could not see to whom he was speaking. I understood that he was really speaking to himself and did not get anything negative from it. He was truly wrestling with some of his own issues, like we all do. He was at a crossroads and he took the path less traveled, so I think it was quite uplifting and has definitely changed many things about how we celebrate Christmas!
Watching The Man Who Invented Christmas unfolds as an enchanting journey that fuses the dark shades of traditional Gothic fiction with fairy tale magic. From the opening scenes although the biography focuses on Charles Dickens’ inspiration and writing of A Christmas Carol, it also encapsulates his inspiration for the writing of other works and his commitment to social reform. As a historical piece and costume drama encapsulating Charles Dicken’s struggles as a writer, problems with his family and coming to terms with his own personal torment the director, Bharat Nulluri, delivers a mesmerising story. Dan Stevens as Charles Dickens, Christopher Plummer as Scrooge and Johnathan Pryce as John Dickens (Charles’ father) present stellar performances. The film transcends the biopic genre and the temptation to present much read and admired Charles Dickens in a sanitised way. Although Dan Stevens presents a sympathetic portrayal of Dickens as a man with a large and increasing family, debt and the threat of debtor’s prison, the miserly Scrooge is also a part of Dicken’s character and troubled consciousness. Likewise his fear of returning to the grinding poverty and shame he experienced as child when forced to work in the Blacking Factory haunts him as a man and partly explains his empathy with Scrooge. The narrative trajectory of the film unfolds seamlessly blending the realism of Dicken’s life, the fusion of the upper middle classes with the poor in dirty, decadent and chaotic 19th Century London. Interwoven and taking on a life of its own is Dicken’s turbulent imagination as it encapsulates his literary genius, his struggles with writers block and the many interruptions his family inflict on him. As an already famous writer and celebrity facing poor sales from his last three books, when his publishers dismiss his idea to write a Christmas story, he decides to take on the risk and cost of self-publishing. Although today self-publishing is regarded as a modern phenomenon, Dickens and many classic authors self-published.
Beautiful movie about the writing of my favorite Christmas story.
Love Dan Stevens but this is a very mediocre movie
Wonderful story-telling, acting, and set design.
My high expectations were far surpassed!!! Brilliant Story and Cast
Movie enjoyment and british
Heart warming as expected and very well done!
Works great. We put this solar light on our back porch. I love that it comes with a remote, you are able to turn it on whenever you want. I like that it isn’t constantly turning itself on, it seems to have a good motion sensor. I love the added security it gives to our home.
works great, easy to install, very bright.
This film should have been named "Charles Dickens" or something of the sort, for I'm afraid the (seemingly negative) title of the film made me not want to watch it, which is very unfortunate. I realize now that it is titled after the book (2011) of the same name. For those who love historical period piece British films and Dan Stevens (of "Downtown Abbey" fame...*swoon*), you will enjoy this charming telling of an amazing period of Dickens' life. They also added Christopher Plummer & Jonathon Pryce, among other talent... So, yes, what a cast! I found the history shared & Dickens' persona so interesting & fun! I knew I was going to love the film within the first five minutes of watching (quite literally). So, this film will now be added to my annual Christmas watch-list, as it is a wonderful, uplifting, perfectly clean family film (I sincerely wish they made more of these). Many thanks to those who wrote positive reviews here on Amazon, for otherwise I would not have bothered viewing this terrific film. I loved it, & I definitely plan on purchasing! (Note: I watched it for free via Prime streaming--Thank you, Amazon!) For those interested, I believe this film is a joint Irish & Canadian film project. As an aside, I hope to see more from Bharat Nalluri, who directed this film and "Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day." :-)
Build quality OK. The arms are plastic, so the head unit is much heavier in proportion to the arm. Use your own screws as the one provided will not work over time. The arms are made of cheap plastic and will likely break if you're not gentle and careful. I live in a hurricane prone area with high winds so time will tell if the arms will hold. Brightness wise, not as bright as traditional flood lights. Also you cannot change the pre-sets function. I wanted to extend the light to more than 15 seconds with function 2, but unable to do so.
Living on a dark street, there is really no light around. I wanted a light where I did not have to run any electrical wires. This solar powered motion led light is nice and durable. With 66 led lights it is nice and bright. The mounting arm is sturdy and durable allowing me to position the light in any position I want.
Good movie
Was a good movie. I liked it
Love this movie. Really like Christopher Plummer in this.
I loved it.
A touching film that makes you see Christmas in a whole new way.
Very enjoyable, profound story. Well told. We have added it to our family's every Christmas pile!
I collect great (inspiring, uplifting, wonderful) Christmas stories and movies. I wish I'd bought this one sooner. LOVED IT!
What I like about the product it's good small, however, has super bright lights.
Fantastic and delightful acting, loved the color to the story, enjoyed the characters in his mind and just thought the whole thing was well done.
Less expensive to use. Quick start feature. Light brightness awesome.
We enjoy watching holiday movies and not those available on TV. It was great to find this 2018 release that reportedly "tells" how author Charles Dickens wrote the beloved "Christmas Carol" story. It's a good addition to the several Christmas Carol movies we own with some outstanding performances by well known actors. It's also suitable for family viewing.
Love it
I got the light and it works great. I use the photo cell to control when it comes on and it works perfectly.
One LED light does not shut off, sensor not working.
I really enjoyed watching an author's mind come alive with his characters. It is a refreshing take on a classic without compromising the classic.
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