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energy saving intelligent street lamp cost effective for lighting management

energy saving intelligent street lamp cost effective for lighting management

Energy saving intelligent street lamp cost effective for lighting management

1 Sets
Payment Terms
L/C, T/T
Price Period
According to your request
3 to 6 meter
Pack in plastic paper or under customer’s request
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Company Advantages
1. The fabrics of GH led street light have been tested to prove its performance. These tests include dimensional stability testing, colorfastness testing, abrasion or pilling testing, etc. It is designed in accordance with the physical law of stability, which guarantees its safety and security
2. Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has absorbed the advantages of advanced intelligent street lamp at home and abroad. Basically low power consumption, the product does not emit high energy level which causes adverse health effects
3. The product features minimal temperature variations. In the manufacturing process, it is installed with a substrate with excellent heat dissipation to control the change of temperatures. The thickness of all the parts in hot-dip galvanization has been strictly controlled to guarantee to stay with corrosion for years
4. The product is safe and non-toxic. The wood materials used in it are 100% premium – no hidden plywood is used. Excellent strong wave permeability is a prominent feature of the product
5. The heating element of the product effectively facilitates the water content released from the food in a short time. The product is designed with the efficient and reliable power line carrier communication and wireless GPRS/CDMA communication technologies

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Invisible micro-station, beautified micro-station is one kind of  3-6 meters high micro-community lamp, the design fuses the conventional courtyard lamp design, high fusion park, square, school, community and many other occasions. The lamppost  is equipped with two advertising boxes shaped by high-precision modules. The function of the box is mainly used to install the launching equipment, and after checking, the attenuation rate of the transmission frequency should meet the  requirement and also provide small community advertisement in the same time, it can be used for rental or public service advertising posting. This station uses the separate and prefabricated preforms,it is flexible and resolved,so it is easy and rapid install,it also reduce the effect of disturbing people.
The micro-station has rich various and customized design, it also resolve the stealth of base station equipment and reduces the difficulty of selected location collaborated with the surrounding environment of the community.Advantage: micro stealth, fast installation,harmony and beauty,value-added services.

Product Parameter

OriginChinaMinimum order1 set
Payment termL/C, T/TShipment termFOB, C&F, CIF
Height3 to 6 meters
MaterialQ345B/A572,minimum yield strength >=345N/mm2;  Q235B/A36,minimum yield strength >=235N/mm2;  we can provide stronger material under customer's request.
StructureSegmented structure, Advertising light box, Beautifying stone
Lamp pole colourselected
ToleranceAccording to the customer's request
Surface testHot galvanization based on the standard of the steel technical specification on ASTM A123 , or the customer's request.
Advertising light box specificationWith heat dissipation and rain water diversion hole,high precision mould forming, suitable for Huawei antenna:BOOK RRU
StandardISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005, OHSAS18001
Per Section LengthBelow 6 meters
Wind Pressure0.35-1.00 KN/m2
Hot-dip Galvanization thicknessPlating thickness less than 5mm, Zinc thickness more than 65μm, Plating thickness more than or equal 5mm, Zinc thickness more than86μm, tolerance less than 10μm
Production ProcedureOriginal material test→cutting→bending→welding(fore-and-aft )→measurement checking→flange welding→making hole→making sample→surface clean→hot-galvanization and surface preparation→painting→re-check→packing
PackingPack in plastic paper or under customer's request

Product Advantage

Advantage: Invisible micro-station, beautification micro-station, engraved lamp pole are elegant, all equipments are hidden. Factory prefabricated foundation are most quickly built with concealed work.

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The launcher is at the top of the bar

energy saving intelligent street lamp cost effective for lighting management-3

Factory prefabricated foundation

Product Quality Standard

1. All the original materials and finished products should be 100% checking.

2. We already obtain the  ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2005 and OHSAS18001 quality and safety certificate.

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Split Charging Partial Packing Part Remark Loading Shipment

Customer Thank You Letter

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Company Features
1. Our facility and equipment are sparkling clean and state-of-the-art, our turnaround times are well-managed and always met, our communication is impeccable, and our quality is supreme.
2. We strive toward a mission that is highly embracive to diversity and innovation. Beyond providing top-of-the-line products for clients, we will invest more in product developments to broaden product ranges.
What a fresh approach to a timeless story. I liked the wardrobe and props used through out the movie. The story did seem to jump around a little while introducing the basic story characters. Overall I liked the movie, and will definitely add to my DVD library.
A great movie, well acted and it really brings thestory of Dickens creative effort to light. Great entertainment and I highly recommend it.
Watch it today, Christmas Eve. Not a better film to watch on this day!! Great story and great acting! Christopher Plummer is AMAZING in this!
Well, this film is an absolute delight! The plot is inventive: Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey's Matthew) is Charles Dickens, who has been experiencing writer's block, but is due to deliver a fresh novel to his publisher, before Christmas. Dickens decides to write a Christmas tale, and fun ensues as every character he imagines springs to life and follows him around while he works on the story. Such fun! This film will be on my " must see " list every holiday season. But it!! You won't be disappointed!
We put this in our front yard since we don't have working street lights and this is so bright! Even better is that the control is awesome!
Great family film. Unexpected development. A peek into the ice of Dickens' own heart. Had to trim off part of the first star because it gets a bit staccato, but some would argue that it represents Dickens' frustrations quite well.
A wonderful book and movie. Add both to your Christmas collection.
I enjoyed the sets, the costumes and characters. But most of all the story was really well put together! A new Christmas favorite!
Good movie hard to 2atch with company. Will watch it again later. Thank you.
It was fun to watch how a story is created, I had a blast having a Christmas theme while learning about the legend of Charles Dickens. It has made me want to read the book and amazon will be the recipient of all my money.
Good product
As delightful, heart-warming, and thought-provoking as “A CHRISTMAS CAROL.” A sheer joy.
The word "Dickensian" entered the English language because author Charles Dickens's novels encapsulate a time and place so to make them immortal. I am, myself, a novelist and I approach Dickens as a master whose use of character is a how-to for all who follow him. A Christmas Carol is barely a novel, more like a novella or novelette, yet it is the most repeated and foundational story originating in the English language that is not by Shakespeare. Its theme of imprisonment of the human soul, its challenge, and ultimate liberation may be the finest example of Christian apologetics outside of scripture, and equaled only decades later when two other men of English letters -- J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis -- took up writing fantasy with Christian groundings as well. A Christmas Carol tells us why Christendom -- today for good or ill called Western Civilization -- is the foundation of all progressivism. This fine movie tells us of challenges -- both practical and spiritual -- that even as sublime a talent as Charles Dickens faced to give the world one of its everlasting Christmas gifts. This movie which shows us the author interacting with his own characters, particularly Scrooge -- and face his own Ghost of Christmas Past -- is one of the best portraits of the process of literary creation I've seen. It's authorial and authentic.
This solar light is awesome. We live in a wooded area so I wasn't sure how well it would work. It does take a little while longer to charge because of the shade but other than that it does an excellent job of lighting up my front porch. I love that the brightness can be adjusted with the remote too. I like this light so much I think I will order another one to go over my garage. Before this light I did not have any real lights on my front porch so when I would come home at night it would take me forever to unlock the door. Now I can see the door knob and it is much easier to get in my house.
Wonderful to watch
I really enjoyed this movie.
I saw this movie in theater and it was great as was Dan Stevens in the role as Charles Dickens. Christopher Plummer was a very nasty Scrooge.
I enjoyed this movie tremendously. But I am confused as to why it is on Amazon Prime for free. The filming was perfect for the period, the characters are all fulfilling in their parts, the movie brings you on a wonderful journey of the imagination with surprises and an amazing glimpse into the mind of a literary genius and how he could have come up with such amazing novels, some of the best of our time. I found this movie to be an extension of the beloved novel/movie, 'A Christmas Carol' and it easily brought me to see how each character came to life. It teaches everything that the novel it is written about did; to not be selfish and to be kind and giver to others out of our heart; but in a more realistic way, with all of the real life interruptions. Also, how can any movie go wrong with Christopher Plummer in it? Dan Stevens gave a very real performance indeed and obviously put his all into it. I can only think that this movie did not get proper billing and advertisement. I highly recommend this movie. I'm certain that I will be sure my family watches it and I will be sure to buy a copy of it to watch in the future.
Nice light.
I had low expectations but trusted the reviews. Was not disappointed. 10/10 would watch again.
Will forever be one of my favorite movies.
this light is perfect for my needs.
Very bright and looks nice.
Excellently done movie! Witty, just like Dickens, heartwarming, interesting, informative. All around great!!!
Have on our barn. It lights up our entire woods. Perfect for security. Keeps our animals safe. Great purchase. Easy setup.
They worked as specified.
Well written and extremely entertaining. A great Christmas movie but so much more; as a writer and someone who has read "A Christmas Carol" many times I appreciated the process and emotions, so relatable especially for characters I know so well.
Fantastic movie that the whole family can enjoy! One of my favorites! =)
Anyone who writes creatively will identify with the Charles Dickens in this movie. Anyone who, like me, loves A Christmas Carol and watches or reads it every year, will also appreciate it. It’s a delightful, whimsical, and moving story about transformation and redemption in the author’s life and how he was able to channel it onto the written page. It’s a movie suitable for the entire family and will become a part of our Christmas season tradition.
fun and well acted.
Love this movie!
This film takes the viewer along the journey that writers, some anyway, go on in creating characters, prose, and poetry. And in this case we viewers are following the path of Charles Dickens as he put together one of the greatest stories (be it Christmas or otherwise) of all time; The Christmas Carol. Worth the watch at any time of year because we should carry the spirit of Christmas with us all year 'round. Hoping you'll take the time to enjoy it!
A very bright light, love it!
Arrived on time. Easy to assemble! It didn't come with brackets to attach it to the lamp posts..That was a setback! But other wise it works fine. The remote makes it all the more easier to operate. Just installed yesterday. I will update this post in a few weeks
Absolutely wonderful movie!!!
Love this well-produced sneak peak into the making of a Christmas Carol. The actors are amazing and it was a joy to watch.
My family has watched every version of a Christmas Carol out there and this is an incredible addition to the wonderful tale. It could have potentially been a boring, strictly biographical portrayal, but instead, it was funny and insightful with an incredible script and a talented cast. Very well done, and one of our household's new holiday classics.
It was OK, something in between: neither Christmas Story no biography. Expected more
The Man Who Invented Christmas was one of those new films that will go down in history as one of the all time greats. It is definitely going to become a true holiday classic that goes hand in hand with A Christmas Carol.
seasonal, enjoyable, and fun.
Nicely done period movie. Dickens is the man@
Loved the preview! Loved the movie! Gotta have it! It’s a New way to look at a classic! ... another 2 hours ‘round the the Tv this Christmas and each Christmas to come!
Lights work as intended. Be sure to grab a set of smoked lenses if you’d like.
The installation is so simple just took abaout 10 mins to installed, when it's done, I couldn't believe that this kind of harley turn signals are so much brighter and sharper, same easy installation for the front ones, plug and play for my 2015 HD St Gld Spc
Outstanding movie. My new favorite. Great for the whole family.
very nice bright light
I Love Christmas & loved this movie. Adding this to my list ofChristmas favs. & it will become a classic on my list.
After finally getting to see this wonderful film on Blu-Ray (it never even made it into our local theatres...which is a mystery to me) this movie has now joined the ranks of my favorite Christmas films, right up there with Jimmy Stewart's - "It's a Wonderful Life", Bing Crosby in "White Christmas", and of course, George C. Scott's - "A Christmas Carol". The holiday season just isn't complete without these wonderful films, and I'm happy to add another wonderful movie to their list. A must see...
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