Guanheng is specialized in steel structure engineering since 1987.

Does GH Steel Structure have good credit?
For many years, Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has been striving to maintain good credit. We have made progressive strides in recent years as we continue to focus on producing great products and developing world-renowned brands. We request third-party product inspection services to get an outside opinion on how to improve our quality to meet customers’ expectations. This allows us to be competitive as a manufacturer. When working with upstream companies and downstream companies, we are punctual and trustworthy. This allows us to maintain a reliable reputation among buyers.

GH Steel Structure has gained a stable standing in the market. Our fiber reinforced plastic manufacturing ability has been recognized. GH Steel Structure has created a number of successful series, and communications tower is one of them. The additional features of the GH telecom tower bring it one step closer to perfect, while still maintaining its attractive price. The product features a small wind load coefficient and has strong wind resistance. The product has desired safety. It does not contain any sharp or easily removeable parts that may cause accidental injury. Its design conforms to the national code for steel structure design and the design of tower mast structure specification.

Favored by more customers, GH is very confident to be a lead of communications tower industry. Contact us!
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