Guanheng is specialized in steel structure engineering since 1987.

Any GH Steel Structure offices in other countries?
In order to introduce our smart street light pole and services to more customers, Foshan Nanhai Guanheng Steel Structure Co.,Ltd has been committed to setting up branches/offices at export destinations. Exporting a prosperous branch/office is critical to ensuring strong customer support. Through these branches/offices, our goal is to help our local businesses improve efficiency and better access to markets and customers.

Over the years, GH Steel Structure has been concentrating on the design, production, and supplying of what is base station. We are a qualified manufacturer and supplier. GH Steel Structure has created a number of successful series, and palm tree cell tower is one of them. This product will not easily generate mold. Its moisture resistance property contributes to making it not prone to the effects of water that will easily react with bacteria. The thickness of all the parts in hot-dip galvanization has been strictly controlled to guarantee to stay with corrosion for years. Professional packing ensures that antenna support pole does not get damaged during transportation. With excellent fatigue resistance, the product is built to last for decades.

With the increasing needs of communication tower, GH focuses more on the quality. Contact us!
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